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You Need a Luggage Scale to Travel

Aug 11th 2021

You Need a Luggage Scale to Travel

Travel is back! Before heading to the airport to travel you need to know the weight of your luggage since the airlines have a set limit on how much it should weigh. So now you’re probably wondering how do luggage scales work? The luggage scale has a strap with a hook that you can hang your luggage by the handle. The digital scale will show the weight in lbs on the LCD screen.

Are luggage scales accurate?

Weighing your luggage with a scale and then later finding out at the airport your luggage weighs too much because the scale showed wrong weight is not something to be concerned about. Generally, they are very accurate if you get a decent digital scale. There have been measurements of popular digital luggage scales and it shows you can count the accuracy being right around within 2 lbs.

So be sure to stay 1-2 lbs under if the limit is50 pounds. Just so you don’t get any unexpected baggage fees at the airport, generally the limit is 50 pounds or 23 Kgs in USA but make sure to double check with the airline you’re flying with.

How to use a digital luggage scale

  1. Take the metal hook and pull it around the handle on your luggage and back again so the luggage is attached to the strap.
  2. Turn on the LCD screen with the power button, make sure it shows zero before measuring.
  3. Grab the scale handle and lift the scale with two hands.
  4. Read the weight on LCD screen and note it down.

How to reset the luggage scale?

Simply press the power button off and on or if it has a Zero/Tare function then simply press the button labeled “Z/T” to reset the scale to zero.

You can also remove the battery door to remove the battery and that should reset it when you insert the battery again.

Why you need a luggage scale

You need a luggage scale to avoid the baggage fees at the airport. If your suitcase weighs over that limit you have to pay a fee to be able to have the checked luggage get transported on the plane. So if you have a luggage scale at home you can easily weigh all the suitcases to make sure they are under the limit (50 pounds or 23 Kgs in the USA), sometimes the scale has a built in a measuring tape in that you can pull out. Pro tip: we also recommend taking a luggage scale with you during travel to make sure any items you acquire during your trip are within the airline weight limits.

The airports have a max weight they can carry to keep the plane able to land and take off smoothly, they need to know what all the suitcases weigh so the calculations being made are not off. Also, it’s about fuel efficiency, if they have no idea what all the luggage weighs the plane will burn more fuel than was planned for. Which means they would have to do a mid-flight diversion to refuel the plane.

We have the most extensive selection of travel luggage scales available to meet your travel needs. Check them out here or contact one of our scales experts at 866-643-3444 to help you select the model that best meets your needs. Enjoy your trip!